Headline: About book named On the Dragon's Back - impressions of Hoi An. Vietnam

Old woman from Hoi An, Vietnam

Title: "On the Dragon's Back - impressions of Hoi An"
Format: 215mm by 285 mm, portrait
Pages: 104 pages with 148 full color photographs
Paper: 150 gsm matte art
Binding: case bound using 3mm board with separate jacket.
Weight: 740 gram
ISBN: 962-85637-2-6

Old woman from Hoi An, Vietnam
Thumbnails of photos from Hoi An, Vietnam by Hans Kemp

On the Dragon’s Back

Impressions of Hoi An

There is no other place in Vietnam like the historic town of Hoi An. Designated A World Heritage Site by Unesco the town attracts a steady flow of local and foreign visitors. Yet this is no museum but an active, bustling place with narrow streets, old merchant houses, temples, a lively market, friendly people and great food.

This book takes you wandering through the streets, where you encounter a captivating cast of characters, discover temples and old courtyard houses and try out some of the local food.

A fascinating and worthy tribute to this charming Vietnamese town.

About the author:

Dutch photographer Hans Kemp has spent most of his adult live photographing all corners of Asia. His images and stories have appeared in numerous magazines across all continents.

He currently resides in Vietnam from where he continues traveling and photographing the region, looking for those little known, unique aspects of everyday life.

For more info: www.hanskemp.com

Author’s comments:

On my first visit to Hoi An in 1991, I, like any other foreigner, was not allowed to stay overnight because the only accommodation available was deemed by the local authorities to be well below the standard foreigners were accustomed to.

As of today there are more than 2,000 beds available to visitors of Hoi An. I feel that I have been lucky to capture the town at the right moment and can only hope that being a World Heritage Site will guarantee its preservation as a living, breathing monument.