About ook 'Bikes of Burden'

Title: "Bikes of Burden"
Format: 255mm by 175 mm, landscape
Pages: 160 pages with 148 full color photographs
Paper: 157 gsm Japanese matte art
Binding: case bound using 3mm board with separate jacket.
Weight: 900 gram
ISBN: 962-85637-3-4

Motorcycle driver, book 'Bikes of Burden'
Thumbnail images for photo samples in book 'Bikes of Burden'

About Bikes of Burden:

A tribute to the Vietnamese motorcycles and the drivers as the backbone of the Vietnamese economy.
Nowhere else on earth can there be found such a concentration of motorbikes as in Vietnam where the bikes are being used not only for transporting people but for carrying everything imaginable and unimaginable.

Pigs, poultry, fridges, truck tires, this book shows it all. A must have for all motorbike enthusiasts and anyone interested in contemporary Asian culture. For more info: www.bikesofburden.com

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About the author:

Dutch photographer Hans Kemp has spent most of his adult live photographing all corners of Asia. His images and stories have appeared in numerous magazines across all continents.

He currently resides in Vietnam from where he continues traveling and photographing the region, looking for those little known, unique aspects of everyday life.

For more info: www.hanskemp.com

Author’s comments:

This book was born from a desire to halt progress, at least on paper. The other day I read in a paper that there are now two million motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City alone. Two million! It seems that every household in the city has a bike.

The bicycle is all but gone, the car inconvenient for narrow alleys and congested streets. Now, more than ever it is the motorbike that makes this economy tick. People commute on a bike, dads bring their kids to school on a bike, products and produce find their way to the consumers by motorbike.

The bike as backbone of the economy, the bike as seducer, the bike as carrier of people and goods, the bike as beast of burden.

Readers’ comments.

Thanks so much for producing a real image of Viet Nam. The American media is filled with continuous horror stories of death, terror, etc. I wish they would, instead, put more effort into reporting the positive happenings in the world, such as the economic boom of this little nation.

I'll certainly let my friends know about this unique image of Viet Nam.

Maggy Wilcox


I received the book and it is a beauty. Thank you for sending it.

Judi Kilachand
Director, Business Programs
Asia Society New York


The idea of the book and the amazing quality of the pictures are just fantastic.
Thank you very much, you created a great memory for this period of Vietnam.

Andreas Grewe


I received the books today, wonderful photos I’m sure that these books will be very good presents

Carl BÄckman


Again my compliments for the fantastic book. I'm sure that many friends will be very happy and surprised about you great work.

Riccardo Bergerone