Headline: Welcome to Visionary World Publishers, publishers of photo books about Asia

Laoitian woman, a sample from photo books by photographer Hans Kemp and published by Visionary World

Welcome to Visionary World where we celebrate our world’s abundance of unique and diverse cultures through photography and publishing.

Being a Hong Kong based publisher, we are located in the world's most dynamic region. This enables us to offer unique insights into the multifaceted lives of its people and we continuously strive to publish titles that reflect on this variety from a unique perspective.

Laoitian woman, a sample from photo books by photographer Hans Kemp and published by Visionary World

We treasure our world's caleidoscope of cultures where we often find something special hidden in the mundane, something we didn't see because we never really looked.

Visionary World Publishers likes to be your eyes, always searching passionately for what makes us unique and human.


March 2010:

On Sunday March 7, 2010 Visionary World launched its latest book titled Carrying Cambodia with an exhibition and party at the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) in Phnom Penh.

The event was extremely well attended and everyone marveled at the images on display depicting the many ingenious ways Cambodians solve their transport dilemmas.

Both photographers, Conor Wall and Hans Kemp where on hand to autograph the book and entertain guests with their stories. All in all it was a very successful night centered around what will hopefully be another popular Visionary World title.

Carrying Cambodia and Bikes of Burden for sale at Bangkok International Airport.

November 2008:

We are proud to announce the launch of Red Banana Books, a new imprint in cooperation with Asia Ink, publishers in London.

Red Banana Books aims to produce high quality, budget minded, small format, illustrated books about Asia, every title offering the reader a visual feast, giving insight into the diversity of Asia through exceptional images and inspirational text.

The first series of books published under the Red Banana Books umbrella is titled Asia Unique.

Asia Unique highlights the extraordinary diversity of Asia by focusing on one specific topic, photographed in its amazing variety by some of the finest travel photographers currently covering Asia. Throughout the books, inspirational quotes and proverbs from Asia, related to the specific book topic, compliment the stunning images.

The first 3 books in the series are: Hands, Doors and Catch.


Vietnam Zippos was picked as number 32 in the top 100 Best Books of 2007 by the Amazon editors.

To read more about it at amazon.com, click here.

New title, autumn 2007:

Vietnam Zippos! Read more here.

30 November 2006:

An interview with Hans Kemp about Bikes of Burden was aired on ABC News Now cable in the USA in October 2006. Click on the image to watch and listen. The interview is about 11 minutes long.

If you like to view the interview in a larger, separate window, just click here.

1 December 2005:

Our new book "Ardent Eye" is finally printed and ready for distribution. Read more about it here.

21 June 2005:

We are pleased to note that a product from our humble little company has become the source of inspiration and influence among the world's political and economic dignitaries.

None less than an American senator has found one of our books to be the perfect stimulant to improve the US-Vietnam trade relationship:

I recently saw a fantastic picture book of Vietnam, which certainly dispelled these stereotypes. The picture book – called ‘Bikes of Burden’ – should be required reading for anyone interested in Vietnam today.

The book has 150 pages of pictures of people on motorbikes. In one photo, a motorbike driver – sporting a baseball cap, sunglasses, and jeans – carries hundreds of ducks to market on the back of his bike. In another, a driver precariously balances his delivery of seven bed mattress on his Honda Dream motorbike. In another, laughing Vietnamese schoolgirls clad in beautiful white ao dais whisk through Ho Chi Minh City in the late afternoon sun.

This surely is not the vision of Vietnam Yesterday. Instead, this book captures the vision of Vietnam Today. A vision of commerce everywhere you look. A vision of 80 million vendors and consumers buying and selling something on every corner of every street of every city. A vision of motorbikes and cars whizzing by smart new office towers and industrial parks.”


in a keynote speech on U.S.-Vietnam
Trade and Economic Relations 21 June 2005.
Quote from American Chamber of Commerce.
Read the entire speech here.